- Arrival and departure times: 2pm
- Cell Phones work sporadically
- Altitude Issues: the Silverton ski hut is above 10,000 feet and you will feel the altitude. Do not come directly from sea level in the same day. Drink extra fluids and avoid alcohol if you have a headache or upset stomach.
- Damages and Cleaning: Please maintain the hut with respect. Follow the check out list posted at the hut and do not make any physical alterations to the property. Please notify us of any problems or damage, as well as inadequate cleaning noted upon arrival. Credit card information as security is required by Silverton Ski Hut, LLC. Occupants are liable for any damages during occupancy to the premises and to furnishings, equipment, and household items, excluding normal wear. Additional cleaning will be charged at $100.
No pets allowed since we use outside snow for meltwater. No smoking inside. Sleeps 8 people maximum.
- During extreme avalanche cycles highway 550 is subject to road closures. Full refunds will be provided if you are unable to access the cabin during the first day of your booking. An emergency food cache is provided for road closures which delay your departure date.

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