Aladdin's Lamp Hut is a rustic, 16 by 20 foot cabin with a downstairs cooking, eating and social area heated by a woodstove. Upstairs is a one room sleeping area.

Provided: Kitchen with range, pots and pans and dishes. Drinking water and running spring water in the summer, snow melt in winter. Beds and pillows. DC solar lighting, no AC power. Outhouse with toilet paper.

What to bring: Sleeping bag and pillow case. Food and drink. Warm clothes and toiletries, including sunscreen, headlamp and hut slippers. In the winter skis or snowshoes are highly recommended for accessing the cabin along with proper attire including gloves, hat, backpack, goretex shell, jacket and boots. Beyond the cabin is avalanche country and the appropriate safety equipment, along with skilled decision making, is necessary.